About NutraEx

NutraEx Food Inc.

We are the ‘Sweetener House’, your home for natural sweeteners. At NutraEx food, we provide sweeteners from natural source ingredients for different applications. As you may have learned, you cannot simply replace sugar with another natural sweetener directly. Most applications require some adjustment to the formula, and maybe adding another ingredient to replace the functionality and space that was provided by sugar.

We understand the intricate tweaks that are necessary to produce a truly great tasting food product with stevia or monk fruit as the sweetener.

When the right sweetener is determined, we manufacture commercial quantities for our clients.



NutraEx Food Inc. is a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation, doing business from Burnaby, British Columbia, located in the metropolitan area of Vancouver Canada.

Clients Come First

We measure our success by our clients' success. We make all our resources available to our clients and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to their success. We seek to identify our clients' real needs, not just deliver good work.We are committed to creating value for our clients that returns many multiples of their investment. We deliver tangible and positive impact.


A partnership perspective guides our relationships both internally and with clients. We take a long-term view in our relationships. We strive to build bonds founded on respect, caring, honesty, mutual support, and investment. We work together in a manner that is team-oriented, constructive and challenging. Internally, we believe that a collegial environment fosters continuous learning. We know that teamwork and cooperation are essential to our success both as a firm and as individuals.
Partnership is also the foundation of our client approach. We respect our clients and fully appreciate the challenges they face. We appreciate our clients' knowledge and experience. We want to strengthen our clients' capabilities.

Social Impact

We seek to have a positive and lasting impact beyond the business domain. We believe we can make the world a better place both directly through our client work and through our pro bono efforts. We seek to pursue progressive policies in every place where we provide services. We donate a portion of our time and resources to community and global issues. As world populations and markets continue to grow, ensuring the sustainability of our economies is a fundamental responsibility of all individuals. We will share our intellectual capital on sustainability openly and take steps as a firm to minimize our own impact on the environment.


Integrity means distinguishing right from wrong and doing the right thing. We only make promises we can keep. We take the time to consider our actions and ask whether we can defend them now and in the future. Integrity requires courage and responsibility. We share our objective findings with clients - even those that may be unpopular - in a manner that is both frank and respectful.


We respect the capacity and desire for personal growth, as well as the talents and beliefs of clients, colleagues and all other people we meet in the course of our work. Regardless of position, we treat people with consideration. We value ideas on their merit, not on the tenure of their source. We recognize that respect requires both honesty and empathy. We deal with one another in an open and honest way. We reward performance and contribution consistent with our values. We utilize transparent decision-making processes. We lead by example.


We strive for a diverse workplace. It is fundamental to our success that we accept, value, and incorporate the contributions of people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Diversity of thought, expertise, experience, and background is crucial to creating an environment in which creative tensions exist and new ideas emerge. We are committed to providing all employees with an opportunity to flourish and succeed, regardless of their background, ethnicity or gender.

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