a picture of sugar-free chocolate developed by NutraEx

Chocolate lovers, Happy World Chocolate Day!

a picture of sugar-free chocolate developed by NutraEx

On July 7th, 1550 chocolate first arrived in Europe from the Americas. Since then it has been a delicious treat which is loved worldwide by all!

But there’s a problem,

There’s way too much sugar! 100g of dark chocolate has 48g of sugar, that’s 192 calories coming from just sugar. That’s so much sugar! The good thing is that we here at NutraEx are on a mission to make healthy tasty treats! This is why we developed sugar free treats!

We used our fabulous NutraEx sweeteners to make delicious, healthy, sugar free chocolate! By using our sweetener, we were able to reduce the sugar by 48 g and reduce the calories by 192! That’s the same amount of calories and sugar in a 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola!

For years everybody thought that the only way to stay healthy in the long term is to avoid eating sweets and only focus on eating healthy foods. However, anyone who has ever tried to follow a diet would know that it’s very challenging to do! Avoiding eating sweets doesn’t solve the issue, it only makes you crave eating them even more! 

We here at NutraEx knew there had to be a better way to stay healthy and still enjoy the great sweet taste of your favorite treats. That’s why we developed our fabulous sweeteners. So you can reduce the sugar & calories in your favorite treats, and keep the same delicious, indulgent sweet taste! 

Now with the power of NutraEx sweeteners, we don’t have to give up eating and drinking our favorite tasty treats. We can enjoy delicious treats that are good for our bodies and our soul! Not only are NutraEx sweeteners great for making chocolate, but they have a wide range of applications!

Whatever the purpose is, NutraEx sweeteners can reduce sugar to help you live the healthy, tasty life!

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