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We are the ‘Sweetener House’, your home for natural sweeteners. Want to reduce sugar and calories but keep the delicious sweet taste?  With NutraEx sweeteners, you can have it all - indulgent foods and tasty beverages with low calories, zero GI, made from non-GMO, and natural ingredients that are good for the planet. You can claim 50% sugar reduction – 75% sugar reduction – 90% sugar reduction.  With our sweeteners, you can remove 100% of added sugar and still keep the taste profile consumers have grown to love.

Discover The Value of NutraEx

At NutraEx, we offer the best stevia, monk fruit, erythritol products for less. Whether you require low potency, certified organic, Encapsulated stevia or monk fruit, Full Spectrum stevia, or a completely unique formulation, our high level of quality, exceptional service, and unmatched value make us your sweetest source for natural sweeteners.

Natural Products

Rich and bright, with absolutely no bitterness, NutraEx's natural sweeteners are the best on the market. Using breakthrough technologies, we can help you make intricate tweaks necessary to better imitate sugar and produce a truly great tasting food/beverage product using plant based sweeteners

We Have A Sweetener For That

Our pre-formulated sweeteners make it simple and convenient to reduce or completely replace the sugar in a range of applications. But these products are just the beginning. It's our expertise in the formulation of custom solutions that really sets us apart. If your goal is to reduce costs, lower calories, or completely replicate the functionality of sugar, all while achieving an optimal taste profile, we are the sweetener experts you've been looking for.

What Can We Sweeten?


- Heat Stable

- Resistant to light/acid

- Improves taste and texture

Frozen Desert

- Solids for ice cream and frozen yogurt

- Lower freezing point for smooth, creamy texture

- Eliminates ice crystals


- 30 to 100% sugar reduction in milk and yogurt

- Retains milk standard of identity

- Creates a tasty and indulgent flavored milk


- Reaches 100% sugar-free chocolate

- Zero glycemic index and no laxative effect

- Added fibre and protein

Baked Goods

- Retains leavening action

- No need for added fillers

- Replaces sugar in fondant with fine powder


- Sweet without off-taste

- Nutrients enriched

- Smooth and springy

And so much more! You name it, we can sweeten it!

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