Our Company

We are the ‘Sweetener House’, your home for natural sweeteners. NutraEx is a sweetener solution provider for food and beverage manufacturers, providing customized all-natural sugar alternatives from zero-calorie to any percentage of sugar reduction.

What makes NutraEx Different?

With so many vendors out there claiming to have the best sweeteners with great taste and no bitterness, you might be tempted to select the biggest company, or the lowest price, or even the best looking sales rep.
taaste is king reflective
NutraEx Food, believes you should select the sweeteners that taste best in your application.

Our products are unique in a couple of ways.

Sweetening System

NutraEx created a natural sweetening system, which can modify and correct the flaws of natural sweeteners, to better imitate the taste profile and functionality of sugar. These sweeteners have rich, round and bright sweetness without any bitterness.

Micro-Encapsulation Delivery System

Our encapsulation sugar substitute handles just like sugar. No need to measure small quantities of high intensity ingredients. Advantages of NutraEx sweetener are similar to using sucrose or other sugars.

We work with customers to make production run smoothly.
• No dust or Powder - Consistent intensity
• No calculation errors or production losses

The Sweetener House