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We can all agree that sugar isn’t good for our health. However, reducing sugar in your food and beverages isn’t always so easy. There are many different types of sweeteners, artificial and natural, there’s regulations about where you can use and sell each sweetener, consumers have preconceived ideas about sweeteners, the shipping industry is constantly adapting to new challenges, and there’s always new product trends and news to follow. Staying on top of it all can be a challenge, and that’s where The Sweetener House comes in!

Who is The Sweetener House?

The Sweetener House is a team of food scientists, product formulators, logistics experts, grocery and retail specialists who are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest when it comes to sweeteners and sugar reduction. We’re on a mission to end societies addiction to sugar and we hope our industry insights help you learn more valuable information about reducing sugar! 

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Balanced Taste & Sweeteness Profile

The Sweetener House has the knowledge how to balance sweetness and remove off tastes from your formula to deliver a high quality, reduced sugar product your customers will love!

Research & Development experts

It's our expertise in the formulation of custom solutions that really sets us apart. If your goal is to reduce costs, lower calories, or completely replicate the functionality of sugar, all while achieving an optimal taste profile, we are the sweetener experts you’ve been looking for.

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Patented Encapsulation Technology

NutraEx has developed a patented technology which solves the problems caused when using traditional industry sweeteners. Our technology dials in sweetness potency to drive precision and consistency, boost sweetener functionality, without the need of fillers or artificial flow agents

All Natural Products

Rich and bright, with absolutely no bitterness, NutraEx’s natural sweeteners are the best on the market. Using breakthrough technologies, we can help you make intricate tweaks necessary to better imitate sugar and produce a truly great tasting food/beverage product using plant based sweeteners

We feel your pain

Have you struggled to get rid of the bitter aftertastes? Not sure why caking happens? Curious how to replace the bulk properties of sugar? Want to keep a clean label formula? Struggling to match sugar’s sweetness levels? Don’t want to use fillers or flow agents? Customers don’t want sugar alcohols in your product? Looking to reduce costs and R&D time? 

We here at The Sweetener House have seen it all. We know your struggle and that why we’re here to help 

Formulating with sweeteners requires a lot of finesse. Sweeteners behave differently than sugar in food & beverage formulations so they require a thoughtful, strategically different approach to achieve the optimal results. Whatever your requirements are, whether it’s replacing sugar, cutting costs, improving taste or all of the above, The Sweetener House has the tools, technology and know how to replace sugar and deliver a delicious, healthy sweet taste, every time. 

Our Capabilities

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  • Sweet without off-taste
  • Nutrients enriched
  • Smooth and springy


  • Reaches 100% sugar-free chocolate
  • Zero glycemic index and no laxative effect
  • Added fibre and protein


  • Heat Stable
  • Resistant to light/acid
  • Improves taste and texture

Frozen Dessert

  • Solids for ice cream and frozen yogurt
  • Lower freezing point for smooth, creamy texture
  • Eliminates ice crystals


  • 30 to 100% sugar reduction in milk and yogurt
  • Retains milk standard of identity
  • Creates a tasty and indulgent flavored milk

Baked Goods

  • Retains leavening action
  • No need for added fillers
  • Replaces sugar in fondant with fine powder

Local Touch With a Global Impact

-Based in British Colubmia, Canada
-Sourcing materials from around the globe
-Serving Customers Across Many Markets
-With Strong & Steady Supply Chains
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Join The Sugar Free Movement

Sugar-free is the future. Consumers around the globe are starting to wake and learn that sugar is a major cause of many health problems. Governments are taking action against sugar by implementing taxes and tariffs to curb demand and consumption. Replacing sugar with a healthy natural sweetener is the goal, but taste is king. If the Sugar-free product doesn’t taste as good as the sugar version, then you’re customers won’t be satisfied. To stay ahead of the market trends, you need a sweetener expert  partner who can help you make a high quality, sugar free formula using natural sweeteners and delivering a clean sweet taste. 

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