What is Encapsulation?

Have you ever tried to replace sugar in your food or beverage formula? If yes than you would know that replacing sugar in your formula is not as simple as it sounds. When replacing sugar you not only have to replace the sweetness provided by sugar, but you also  have balance out the bulk, texture, and bitterness blocking that sugar provides.

There are many different types of natural sweeteners on the market, including high potency sweetener extracts like monk fruit, low potency sweetener carriers like erythritol, sweetness enhancers, dietary fibers and more. On their own, none of these types of sweeteners can perfectly replace sugar 1 to 1. High potency sweetener extracts are good for replacing the sweetness provided by sugar, but they are commonly more than 200x sweeter than sugar, meaning you use very small quantities and they can’t replace some of the other physical effects provided by sugar. Low potency carriers and dietary fibers on the other hand can be great for replacing the physical bulk and texture properties from sugar, but they have low sugar equivalency levels (for example erythritol is about 60% as sweet as sugar) menaing you’d have to use a very large quantity with diminishing returns to match the sweetness levels provided by sucrose.

So how can you replace sugar with natural sweeteners? By using NutraEx’s encapsulation technology to combine a high potency sweetener extract with a low potency carrier?

Encapsulation is what makes NutraEx Sweeteners the highest quality, best performing sweeteners on the market! Encapsulation is a patented technology, invented for use with sweeteners by NutraEx food. Encapsulation allows NutraEx to embed high potency sweetener extracts into low potency carrier crystals to create a fabulous, high quality sweetener than can perfectly replace all the characteristics and effects of sugar.

Initially NutraEx created it’s encapsulation process to solve operational issues. Stevia and Monk fruit extract are a fine powder which blow into the air and cake in the machinery, causing safety issues for workers. Our clients asked us to find a way to make free-flowing particles without dust. Also we were requested to not add any chemicals or flow agent. We tried so many ways and eventually came up with this unique and environment-friendly solution.

To our surprise, the results showed that encapsulated sweeteners even taste cleaner, rounder and significantly cut out off-tastes, compared to other blending processes. Besides No dust, No caking, No Hot / Cold spots, our encapsulation adds a lot more benefits, such as:

  • No separation of particles during shipping and storage
  • Lock-in usage to ensure precise proportions
  • Dry process – no effluents, no water, no byproducts
  • Lower temperatures during production
  • Friendly to the environment

Using the common industry sweeteners makes developing a high quality, consistent, cost effective formula nearly impossible! ….. Except when you formulate with NutraEx’s patented encapsulated sweeteners. NutraEx’s encapsulation technology removes the common problems faced by the industry sweeteners and provides a high quality sweetener which is truly SUGAR – LIKE!

The Sweetener House