• Chloe Li
    Tastes like sugar, looks like sugar, use it like sugar… for coffee, tea, baking, and any home recipes. Available in 227 g pouches or boxes of 40 single serving travel sticks. Find us at a retailer near you or shop online on Amazon.
  • Chloe Li
    SugarLike at #FoodProWest. Swipe to see our house-made sugar-free gummy! . Repost from @bcfoodprocessor: Awesome, a microprocessor learning to grow their business at #FoodProWest! . “FoodProWest was a great opportunity to network and learn from other processors. As I work towards launching my product I managed to make connections with other companies that can help me in various different aspects. The BCFPA did a great job organizing the event and I look forward to exhibiting

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